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Wisconsin Sno-Birds

Wisconsin Sno-Birds

President:  Kenn Krouse, 251 967 2463
Vice President:  Mike O’Rourke, 251-981-6060
Secretary:  Judith Oglesby, 251 223 4313
Treasurer  Alice Carson, 251 955 5955
Board:   Gene Lesinski, 251 981 6901  x 41508
Board:   Fred Carson, 251 955 5955
Board:   Kathy Murphy, 251 981 6984
Our e-mail address is:

Wisconsin Snobirds Calendar for 2013/2014 

Oct 23 breakfast 8:30   Duck’s Dinner   off the menu

Oct 30 Breakfast 8:30   Tacky Jack’s  off the menu

Nov 6 Breakfast 8;30   Kitty’s Kafe  off the menu

Nov 13 Breakfast 8:30  Big O’s Grill GS  off the menu

Nov 20 Lunch  BIG DADDY’S

Nov 27  Breakfast  8:30  Tacky Jack’s  off the menu

Nov 28 Thanksgiving OBCC 12:30 / 2:00

Christmas Show @ the Beau Rivage (call after Nov 5th for details)

Dec 4 Breakfast  8:30  Duck’s Dinner  off the menu

Dec 11 Breakfast  8:30  Kitty’s Kafe  off the menu

Dec 12 Palace Casino & Bellingrath Christmas Lights

Dec 18 Christmas Show at Beau Rivage (Biloxi).  “A Spirit of Christmas” Reservations, Jeff or Darsey 251-981-9376

Dec 18 Lunch 11:30 Original Oyster House GS

Dec 25 Christmas Dinner OBCC 12:30 / 2:00

Dec 31 Early New Years Eve @ the Beau Rivage

Jan 8 Meeting OBCC 8:30 9:00 Board Meeting to follow

Jan 15 Breakfast 8:30  Tacky Jack’s  PRE PAID  $8.50

Jan 21 & 22 Biloxi Overnight Casino Trip

Jan 22 Meeting OBCC 8:30 9:00

Jan 25 New Orleans Day Trip

Jan 29 Pot Luck OBCC 11:30

Jan 27 Golf Fun Days 12:00     signup at Mtgs.

Jan 27 Fairhope Castle Tour

Feb 5 Meeting OBCC 8:30 9:00  Board Mtg follows

Feb 8 Brat Fest

Feb 8 Trivia Night

Feb 12 Breakfast  8:30  Longhorn  $8.25 PRE PAID

Feb 11   All States 8 Pin Bowling   1:00

Feb 15 GSFD Pancake Breakfast

Feb  22  Dog Track

Feb 18 Baldwin County Heritage Museum Golf Tournament

Feb  ?? Golf Fun Days 12:00 sign up at mtgs.

Feb 20 THURSDAY Meeting OBCC 8:30 9:00

Feb 21   LCB

Feb 24 MI/WI/IN Golf Timbercreek

Feb 25 Palace Casino & Mobile Mardi Gras Parade

Feb 26 Picnic OBCC 11:30 sign up Mtg

March 3 Palace Casino & Fairhope Mardi Gras Parade

March 4 Fat Tuesday

March 5 Meeting OBCC 8:30 9:00 Board Mtg Follows

March 5 Shrimp Trip & Beau Rivage Casino

March 6   Zoo Fun Day

March 10 Bellingrath Gardens

March 12 Meeting 8:30 9:00

March 19 Breakfast 8:30  Gulf Shores American Legion  Price TBA  PRE PAID

March 26 Breakfast 8:30   Duck’s Dinner  off the menu

April 2 Breakfast 8:30  Tacky Jack’s  off the menu

April 9 Breakfast 8:30   Kitty Kafe’s  off the menu

April 16 Breakfast 8:30 Duck’s Dinner  off the menu

April 20 Easter Sunday   OBCC 12:30   2:00

** Golf  Monday and Tuesdays

**Cards Friday Morning   Jan thru March

For extensive Wisconsin Sno-Bird News,


“Like most Snow Birds someone has been someplace and mentioned how nice the area is. So as Snow Birds we migrate there to the Pleasure Island Coast of Alabama as one of the places to come. The reasons why we come here: Dreams of retiring in warm weather. Places where friends are. It is a retirement minded community. The larger cities of Mobile and Pensacola are nearby. The beaches for some are the big draw. The people are friendly and Lastly- NO SNOW!!!
Kenn Krouse, Current Wisconsin Sno-Bird President


Two separate groups with different interest from Wisconsin started meeting at the Dairy Queen in Gulf Shores.

One club was formed from that meeting. They continued to meet at the Dairy Queen until the group increased in size to about thirty members. Several meeting places were used until settling at the Legion Club in Gulf Shores. This was about 1994. The club continued to grow to over two hundred members. At this time the Legion also became too small. In 1999 we started meeting at Wolf Bay Lodge. By the end of the 1999/2000 year we had 356 registered members. Since 2002, our meetings have been held at the Orange Beach Community Center.


Our members are active in many area groups and volunteer their time doing after school tutoring, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Libraries, Hospice of Foley; Gulf Shores Zoo, Habitat for Humanity and many others.