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Minnesota Snowbird Club

Von Malinen, Coordinator, 251-981-2614

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About the Club
Our "club" is not formally organized, although it is 15 years old.  The Early Bird gatherers evolve into the Steering Committee and we plan activities for the season. 
2009 Schedule

The Minnesota Club will hold its first official meeting at LuLu's in Gulf Shores, Ala., on Tuesday, Jan. 6.  Doors for the breakfast buffet will open at 8 am, with the buffet starting at 8:30.  Our club is very casual, with no officers or dues.  Volunteers are the essential part of our club and we are involved with the other clubs on the fund raisers.  We have trips planned, Red Hat outings, and golf two times a week  in January and March , during February , three outings a week are planned.  We keep our meetings short so that friends and newcomers have time to visit. For general info and trip info, call Larry and Nancy,251-968-3143, Red Hat info and reservations, call Ilene,251-923-0007 and for golf, call Scott and Judy, 251-968-7297. Each week we will be taking donations and canned goods,for the Christian Service Center.



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