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Enewsletter brings year-round information to growing Snowbird market

The 2015-16 Snowbird season marks the 10th year for Snowbirds Gulf Coast

And while our print edition remains as popular as ever, new digital options are also available.

“It’s no secret that older folks (you know, people over age 50) are the fastest-growing online audience,” said Snowbirds Gulf Coast founder and publisher, Karen Harrell. “We are responding with new ways to read our news and information.”

The e-newsletter Seasons  was introduced last season and will relaunch in late September.

“We are tweaking the design and content to accommodate the interests of our audience,” Harrell said. “We have more and more baby boomers finally able to retire and joining the Snowbird ranks. Their interests are broader and in general, gear toward more active pursuits.”

Always popular in the print magazine are the activities of the Snowbird clubs that have grown organically throughout the years.

“Some areas haven’t had Snowbird-specific groups form and so local businesses, chambers and visitor centers are creating opportunities for Snowbirds to gather,” Harrell said. “Making friends and finding activities to stay busy are key to an enjoyable Snowbird experience.”

Other areas of emphasis in the e-newsletter are highlighting opportunities to volunteer, continued learning, health, day trips, dining, recreation and side trips. 

“Many of our Snowbirds are here three or more months and that makes them part-time locals,” Harrell said. “And if you think inside-out then it makes sense that the Snowbird experience is completely different than the week-long summer tourist.”