Seville Savories Food Tour

Learn the complete culinary history of America’s oldest settlement while strolling through historic downtown Pensacola. You will experience abundant and diverse flavors from specially selected destinations of Pensacola’s colorful restaurants ranging from traditional foods to nouvelle cuisine.

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Photos Courtesy of Seville Savories Food Tour

About the Owner, Duel Christian

Duel Christian is the founder/historian/and guide for Seville Savories. His maternal great grandfather was an early naval aviator at Pensacola NAS in the early 1930’s. Duel currently lives in the same home he purchased in 1936. His grandmother, Mary Wesley, was a past president of the Pensacola Historical Preservation Society, as well as a curator and tour guide for the Walton House and Quina House Museum. Duel grew up immersed in the deep history of Pensacola. For nearly three decades Duel was a television producer/director. His first job was as a camera operator on a nationally syndicated PBS cooking show, Gourmet Cooking with Earl Peyroux. His job was to get closeup shots on Earl’s hands while he cooked. From there Duel went on to produce/direct over 300 cooking shows on various network affiliates around Northwest Florida/Southern Alabama. Duel has been a freelance writer and was a feature writer for Florida Wildlife Magazine for six years where he developed recipes on cooking game and fish. As a Celtic musician, Duel traveled all over the southeastern U.S. singing and performing Celtic music in pubs and festivals for a couple decades. It was Duel’s love of history, cooking, and performing that lead him to this place. He gets to have an audience, share his love of food and history, and promote local restaurants in his beloved hometown.

Immerse Yourself in Historic Pensacola’s Food Scene

The Seville Savories food tour in Pensacola is a leisurely and informative experience that involves a moderate amount of walking. Lasting about 3 hours, the tours offer a delightful exploration of the city’s culinary history. Knowledgeable tour guides share captivating stories as participants stroll at a relaxed pace, stopping at tasting locations for 15-20 minutes each time to savor delectable local specialties.

While alcohol isn’t served during the tour, the dining venues boast excellent selections of wine and craft beers. Open containers are prohibited on Pensacola streets, allowing guests to enjoy their libations within the establishments. The family-friendly tours encourage children to join, with kids under 10 sampling their parent’s food and those aged 11 to 14 requiring a ticket at children’s prices.

These immersive experiences transcend mere culinary delights, delving into Pensacola’s rich history as the oldest settlement in the United States. Influenced by three European empires, the Confederacy, and the United States, the tours incorporate extensive research, providing a unique blend of culture, history, and gastronomy found nowhere else.

The Palafox Trot Tour Experience

Come hungry. This is where the fun begins. You will visit 5 restaurants and eat food that is diverse and eclectic, just like Pensacola.  Pensacola is the oldest European settlement in the United States but our story goes back thousands of years before that. We’ll journey down Palafox St. and you will learn our history from the neolithic tribes who first settled the area, several different occupations by Spain, the importance of Britain, France’s treachery, as well as get all the good info about Pensacola’s up-and-coming food scene and why we are important.

Tasting Destinations: Polonza Bistro, Jumping Lomo Peruvian Food Truck,  Bodacious Books & Coffee, 86 Forks Bar & Table, Bubba’s Sweet Spot. This tour has Vegan and Gluten Free Options available in the booking section.  

Seville Stroll Tour Experience

An evening in Old Seville. You will stroll through historic Downtown Pensacola and dine in five diverse establishments while learning about the history and current food scene in the oldest settlement in the United States. You’ll experience high end cuisine to street food and all points in between.

Tasting destinations are: Bavaria German Restaurant, 86 Forks Bar + Table Asian Fusion, The District Steakhouse, Calavera Tacos, and Bubba’s Sweet Spot for house made chocolates and Fudge.

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