The Story and Delights of Jumping Lomo Peruvian Cuisine

Embark on a culinary adventure at Jumping Lomo Peruvian Cuisine, a vibrant eatery founded in 2021 by a Peruvian native and his wife. Experience a fusion of indigenous and Asian flavors, savor their signature ‘Jumping Lomo’ dish, and enjoy the warmth of a covered food court as you explore the heartwarming journey of this food truck-turned restaurant.

Advertiser Supported Post | August 13, 2023

Photos Courtesy of Seville Savories Food Tour

FAQ with Ronnie Gonzales Owner

Q: When was the company founded? Was it always a good truck?

A: The company was founded in July of 2021 and was called Jumping Cousins after my cousin joined in with me on this venture. In August, we parted ways, my wife joined in, and we decided to call the company Jumping Lomo Peruvian Food truck.

Our concept was to be a mobile food truck and we started booking as many events as possible. We then would work mostly 4 days a week and focused on attending big festivals and breweries.

Q. Tell me about yourselves

My wife Jessica and I met in Miami, FL while working in the same restaurant. While we dated, I introduced Jess to Peruvian food as she had only had Peruvian Food a couple of times in Colombia before meeting me. Jess fell in love with Peruvian food, and we often would go to Peruvian restaurants during the time we lived in Miami. We also share a love for dancing and an entrepreneurial drive. When we got married, we would always brainstorm of different business concepts that we would love to bring to Pensacola and one of these concepts was owning a Food truck although we were not certain about the type of food we would sell.

Q. Are you Peruvian Natives? If so, what town/area of the country?

A: I am originally from Peru, born in Piura, raised in Lima and Jess is from Miami although all her family is from Bogota, Colombia.

Q. When did you move to your permanent location? Will you also have mobile food trucks as well?

A: We moved into our permanent location in Feb of 2023 and yes, we are planning to start using our Food truck again as a second location with a slightly different concept, but more to come on that.                    

Q: When Snowbirds arrive the weather will be cooler, describe the facility’s advantages.

We are in a covered food court which is great for those rainy days that never fail throughout the year in Florida. Also, when winter comes around there are a few heaters around the bar area that are turned on all day to help keep our customers warm; and we are currently looking at ways to implement more stand-up heaters around the main entrance of the Food court so that customers can enjoy the seating area and their meal while staying cozy.

Q. What dishes are your most popular?

A: Our signature dish is the “Jumping Lomo”, and it is also one of our most popular dishes which comprises sautéed steak, chicken, shrimp or mushrooms trio, red onions, Peruvian Yellow Peppers (non-spicy), tomatoes, cilantro, seasoned with soy sauce, white vinegar, and our jumping secret sauce. Served with Jasmin rice and French fries.

“Chaufa”: Peruvian style flamed rice seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil served with your choice of chicken, steak, shrimp or mushroom trio; and “Ceviche”: Fresh Mahi Mahi fish denatured in lime juice and/or cooked shrimp, salt, pepper, Peruvian Limo peppers, cilantro. Served with red onions, Peruvian kettle corn, boiled corn and sweet potato.

Q. How would you describe the cuisine?

A: Our Cuisine has a beautiful mix of indigenous and Asian spices and flavors. Every dish is cook fresh to order. We are proud of the world-wide reputation that Peruvian Cuisine has accomplished of being one of the best and most delicious and our goal is to represent this reputation to its highest level, our authentic, flavorful and fresh food combined with extraordinary service and love, is what makes Jumping Lomo Peruvian cuisine.

Q. I understand that Peru has many varieties of potatoes – how do you source your ingredients?

A: Yes indeed! We have a small menu so we only use 2 varieties of potatoes and we are very fortunate to be able to find these varieties through our other food distributors.

Q. Is Peruvian food spicy?

A: Peruvian Food can generally be spicy, however, when we use our Peruvian peppers, we use them devaned which means without the seeds and this is what causes the spicy sensation, so without the seeds, the food becomes more flavorful rather than spicy. For our ceviche, we do offer the option of spice level: not spicy, mild, medium or hot.

Q. What dishes do you recommend for children?

A: We have our “Jumping Kids” menu: kids can choose 1 protein which can be either chicken, steak, shrimp or mushroom trio and they pick one side either jasmine rice, pasta, French fries or plantains.

Q. How do people make arrangements for catering? Can you accommodate a group?

A: Absolutely! we love catering all types of events and we accommodate to all of our customers’ needs including small and large groups. The best way to get a quote is to inquire by phone (850) 503-5558, via DM on Facebook or Instagram @Jumpinglomoperuviancuisine or through our website

Q. You’ve recently been added to the Seville Savories Tour – what can patrons expect?

A: Yes! We love being a part of the Seville Savories Tour. Patrons can expect a taste of our delicious and fresh food. They have the option to sample one of our two most popular dishes; chicken or steak Chaufa or Shrimp Ceviche (not spicy).

Q. What’s next for Jumping Lomo?

A: In the near future, we are planning to bring our foodtruck back onto the field, as a second and mobile location; the concept will be just a bit different: Latin American food. We will have our Peruvian popular dishes on the menu along with other popular dishes from South America. We also plan to start a breakfast menu at our Garden location. We see a need for authentic Peruvian breakfast and we want to accommodate our customers with what they love.

Details to come