Have you ever been in a dilemma about going to an emergency room or an urgent care clinic? Baptist Health Care is bringing a game-changing solution to Pensacola, making this decision much easier. The new Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care – Pensacola-9-Mile is set to open this month, offering a unique health care model that combines ER and urgent care services in one convenient location.

Why Combine ER and Urgent Care?

When we face health emergencies, it’s challenging to decide where to go. The ER is equipped for serious conditions, but visiting for less critical issues can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where the dual ER and urgent care model comes into play. It’s designed to ensure you receive the appropriate care without unnecessary expense or wait times, handling everything from minor injuries to critical conditions.

A New Approach to Patient Care

Walking into this new facility, you’ll find a streamlined process. ER-trained medical staff are on hand to quickly assess your condition and guide you to the appropriate care path, whether that’s urgent care for less serious issues or the ER for more critical needs. This approach not only saves time but also reduces the financial burden often associated with unnecessary ER visits.

Real Impact: A Case from Navarre

A recent case at our Navarre location illustrates the dual model’s efficiency. A mother, uncertain whether her daughter’s gymnastics-related collarbone injury required ER or urgent care, chose our facility for its quality care, no appointment policy, and efficiency. They received swift and thorough care: an X-ray, physician’s assessment, treatment plan, and a specialist referral, all within an hour and billed at the urgent care rate. This approach provided the necessary medical attention and avoided the higher costs associated with a traditional ER visit. Had they gone to a traditional ER, they would have been billed at an ER rate even though this condition could be treated at an urgent care. By being billed as an urgent care case, the family was spared a significant ER deductible, showcasing our model’s dedication to cost-effective, patient-focused care.

A Game-Changer for Pensacola

The Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care – Pensacola-9-Mile represents a significant advancement in local health care. It stands to simplify and improve the way residents access medical services. Eliminating the guesswork in choosing the proper care level and offering a hybrid model ensures that patients receive timely, appropriate, and affordable treatment.

Looking Forward

The opening of this facility marks a new chapter in healthcare for Pensacola, one where convenience, efficiency, and patient satisfaction are at the forefront. It’s an exciting development that promises to transform the health care experience for the community. So, watch for the opening of Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care – Pensacola-9-Mile. It’s more than just a health care center; it’s a step forward in making health care accessible and patient-focused for everyone in Pensacola.

Our Locations/Information

Navarre: 8888 Navarre Pkwy., Navarre, FL 32566, ER open 24/7 | UC open 7a.am-8p.m.

Nine Mile: 9400 University Pkwy #101A Pensacola, FL 32514 | Opening Soon

To learn more: https://www.baptisteruc.org/