Welcome Snowbirds

Spring – Snowbird season starts to wind down – just as the Spring Breakers begin their arrival.


This can be a challenge for both as Spring Breakers (this includes families) are usually in a hurry to pack as much fun as they can into seven days.

It’s best to just put on a smile and move out of the way. Many people think only of college students when they hear the words “Spring Break” but you will find that families with school-age children are the majority for much of the northern Gulf Coast, with the exception of Panama City Beach, Fla. – where your publisher used to spend Spring Break “back in the day!”

Many rentals in the northern Gulf Coast discontinue their monthly rates in mid-March as they make way for Spring Breakers while central and south Florida have been in the throes of high season the past two months.

In our “Spring” edition we profile an Ohio couple who made a big move from being Snowbirds to full time residents. And they chose what is becoming a growing trend – to live in a vibrant downtown area where they could walk to just dozens of entertainment venues, restaurants, museums and even to a Double A waterfront ballpark in Pensacola, Fla.

You will also find an article on some of the northern coast region’s low to no-cost Continuing Education opportunities. Many of these programs are also looking for instructors for short-term classes designed just for our winter visitors. They are open to suggestions so put on your thinking caps and be sure to contact them early to get on next year’s schedule!

This edition also showcases the Collier family who have made the trek from Missouri each winter to be together between Christmas and New Year’s Eve along the Alabama coast where retirees Judy and Dale then spend the rest of the winter.  

And, don’t miss our four pages of “Snaps” from around the region – we so enjoy seeing you all having fun. In the next couple of months we are reorganizing and redesigning our website, www.snowbirdsgulfcoast.com  where you find many more of our popular “Snaps” but also articles throughout the year and helpful tips.

We also will be expanding our content to include central and south Florida as I have heard from many of you this year that you want us to serve you as well.

Our expansive calendar shows there is still much to do here on the northern Gulf Coast and the casino entertainment lineup is just as impressive as ever on the nearby Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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We wish you safe travels home if you are leaving very soon. But, here is a tip – in a few weeks Spring Breakers will go back to school and work and there is a lull before the “100 Days of Summer” which starts Memorial Day.

Hmm….could it be time to take a side trip south to take in Spring Training or a long cruise and then come back? 

We are always glad you are here!

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The Gulf Coast is looking forward to hosting its most loyal visitors and part-time residents, The Snowbirds. We look forward to seeing you all again and are confident that the Gulf Coast will survive and thrive through this challenging time. The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has marred the summer season for many areas, including those who have seen little or no impact but we have proven our resilience time and again.
Our hotels, condominiums, RV parks, golf courses, restaurants, casinos and shops look forward to another Snowbird season and are ready to offer great deals for our winter guests!
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