Artist Christ Gustin returns to Holley Hill Pottery for this year’s annual WoodStoke festival. The event will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the completion of the landmark studio and gallery’s Anagama kiln, the largest kiln in Florida.

The popular event is scheduled for Feb. 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Gulf Coast Kiln Walk is a vision created by Brenda, Marty and Jason Stokes, co-owners of Holley Hill Pottery.

“We want the legacy of ceramic arts to continue into the future and for the arts community to continue to grow,” said Brenda Stokes.

Their passion is shared with so many on the Gulf Coast who dedicate their time and talents to this art form. Over 2500 people participate in three weeks of activities leading up to the WoodStoke Festival.

If you have attended WoodStoke, you will see many of the same faces every year too. They include dedicated artists, as well as residents from Panama City to Pensacola, who look forward to the event each year, as well as annual tourists! Many have been coming since the first WoodStoke.

The Anagama is loaded from back to front, in Japanese tradition, and takes four days to load 800 pieces. Six to 12 people must constantly monitor the kiln for 24 hours per day for six days. Every pot is strategically placed in this delicate process.

Chris Gustin will bring his expertise to this process, along with Jason Stokes and the many potters who have worked this firing over the last 20 years.

Holly Hill Pottery and the festival are located at 7507 Buckeye Dr, Navarre, Fla. Learn more about the studio and event at or or by calling (850) 939-2744.