Pet Savvy,
Doggie in the Window Still a No-No!

Originally posted February 2008
by Michelle Harrell aka “Poodlemama”

Michelle's Magical Poodles As we begin this new year and many people start to think about bringing a pet into their families, I’d like to highlight a problem still rampant in the United States.
The reckless practice of breeding dogs solely for profit has certainly always been an issue. However, it is currently being masked by some highend pet boutiques who sell mainly small-breed dogs at high-end prices.
One such boutique in Malibu Calif., who supplied such celebrity clients as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, was cited for acquiring their pets from puppy mills. These animals come complete with AKC papers, which to the unknowing customer, seems to be the only guarantee they need that they’re getting a non-puppy mill dog. To fully understand this, one needs to do some research on a properly bred dog to know that AKC papers does not guarantee the conditions in which the animal is bred and the actual quality of the lineage.
However, the general public is constantly deluded by the unscrupulous tactics of these sales people. In fact, in researching breeders when I first began working with poodles, I discovered that none of the reputable breeders that I met would ever sell their puppies to a pet store.
A reputable breeder carefully breeds their animals to produce the highest quality of pure bred as possible. Many of these breeders, who breed for show, often have puppies who didn’t make it into the show ring.
Small technical flaws, such as being slightly oversized or a dental over-bite, will place these animals in the “pet quality” category. This is, incidentally, how I acquired three of my four poodles. These are still well-bred, well cared for animals and I was so lucky to find them. My fourth poodle, and star of my show, was an adoption from Florida Poodle Rescue, a pure breed rescue organization. Most states have all breed rescue organizations for just about every breed imaginable.
Depending on the breed, there is sometimes a waiting list. Most require references and a home check for the potential animal owner. There are many wonderful and lovable mixed breeds in shelters and foster homes all over the U.S. just waiting for some love.
Until next time, happy trails and tails.

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