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Category: Archives

Pet Savvy, Doggie in the Window Still a No-No!

As we begin this new year and many people start to think about bringing a pet into their families, I’d like to highlight a problem still rampant in the United States.
The reckless practice of breeding dogs solely for profit has certainly always been an issue. However, it is currently being masked by some highend pet boutiques who sell mainly small-breed dogs at high-end prices.

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Pet Savvy, The Senior Pet

As I watched this past year my star performer, Cupid, tumble off the edge of the stage (unhurt thankfully), I realized he was getting older.
Cupid has begun to loose some vision and has developed chronic canine bronchitis. Both of which require changes in the routine for our stage act as well as everyday life.
Since we travel about six months out of the year, it’s extremely important that I pack enough of the required medication.

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Pet Savvy, Once Bitten, What To Do?

We’ve all seen them, the creepy crawlies, those dreaded spiders that we wonder about.
Recently, I saw my one year old poodle jumping excitedly around something small and brown on the floor. As I approached, I realized it was a Brown Recluse Spider. Brown Recluse spiders are found in the south from California to Virginia.

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